Design History

Since conception, dosh customers have amassed across the globe, many choosing to upgrade and replace their first dosh for some of our newer models. The great legacy is the fact that the wallets function reliably for years sometimes in what we call extreme users situations. We listen to our customers and regularly take inspiration for new products from our social media fans, It’s a type of co design process that informs all that we do.


We’re proud of the creative culture at dosh where innovation and creative ideas are given the opportunity to rise to the top. The design team has very diverse experience and this combined with a natural curiosity results in product ideas that have never been tried before. We mock up numerous concepts and perform trials and tests as part of the innovative process.


The integrity of a wonderful product comes from both good design and materials selection. The alloy range is an example of a material selection that while being very practical is also an expression of quality and in this case longevity. We select the right material for purpose then through our research and development create methods of production that can achieve the results that we’re looking for.

Water Resistance

The polymers selected by the dosh team are water resistant. That means the wallet can be wet or immersed without any damaging effect on the product. It’s ideal for use in water sports and outdoor activities particularly when you think about how wet and soggy a traditional leather wallet can become if submerged.


The dosh construction does not use traditional stitching to hold it together, instead we use ultra-sonic welding and adhesives similar to those used in the automotive industry. We have chosen to push the boundaries to manufacture and engineer our products using the latest technologies and techniques available. The results are wallets that are super tough and out last our competitors.


Packaging is not an afterthought at dosh, it is an integral part of the designed outcome. The packaging has it’s primary function which is to deliver your dosh wallet anywhere in the world in perfect condition -  exactly as it left our manufacturing centre in Sydney. It also presents to you a product that is something special and unique.


There is an underlying theme at dosh to tread lightly on the planet. Even small companies like us have a role to play in preserving limited resources. We have deliberately chosen materials that enable recycle or re- use, our products should never end up in land fill. Firstly they last for years and the polymers can be recycled and reground at the end of each wallets life. Waste materials created in our manufacturing centre are reground and recycled to make brand new products. We aim to be resourceful and kind to the environment.